An early project for the rebrand of a website landing page for photographer Marie Korner. Marie is an internationally published live music and rock orientated photographer who also works at weddings and on lifestyle portraits of non-rock people and children. The brief was to create a page that was welcoming to anyone who came to her website for whatever side of her business they were interested in. Due to the extremes of subject the challenge was to create this while not hiding anything that she does in each genre.

We worked out together what to aim for and I created a selection of early versions focussing on bright colours that are warm and welcoming to the user. Starting with varying layouts we learnt very early which one worked for Marie. I then worked on several versions to polish it to the final design. Creating also several possible logo options for the website and mockups to see how they look in a live environment on the final page. 
Brainstorming ideas for the website and how to integrate two very different styles of photography
Early roughs of the angled design idea.
Trial layouts of the design work in progress
Logo variations
Final design for

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