A selection of work published in Playstation World magazine in the UK with working at Future Publishing. Over the years working with many of the large games publishers to adapt artwork for various covers and editorial layouts.
PSW104 Project Origin feature
PSW105 Resistance feature
PSW105 This Is Vegas cover
PSW105 This Is Vegas feature
PSW106 Aliens feature
PSW107 Motorstorm 2 cover
PSW108 Killzone 2 cover
PSW110 Spider-Man cover
PSW112 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed cover
PSW112 Batman feature
PSW112 Falout 3 feature
PSW113 Dead Space cover
PSW114 Call Of Duty cover
PSW115 Alien cover
PSW116 Resident Evil 5 cover
PSW117 F.E.A.R. 2 cover
PSW104 Army Of Two cover
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