The Little Red Bridge is an independent bespoke software development consultancy specialising in business solutions delivered through the web. In 2018 I was tasked with coming up with a fresh new-look for the company. The initial brief was to give the company a new modern feel while keeping the core company slogan and ensuring that the new icon contained a bridge motif. 

After some initial sketches of ideas I was able to focus on the key icon which would be doing the heavy work in terms of brand identity. The concept I came up with was to use text that a company like The Little Red Bridge would use in coding and create a logo from those while keeping it as simple as possible. For example the bridge itself is made from customised '(' brackets with '/' and '\' icons while the water effect were also custom '{' brackets. The main logo is red and white, but alternative options were created for varying uses online and in print.

In addition I was also asked to create business cards for the company which can be found below as well as example brand guidelines and it's potential uses in a real world environment.

The Little Red Bridge main icon with logo variations below.
Example brand guidelines
Business cards and potential uses of the logo below including The Little Red Bridge website.

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