A quick project exploring a possible pitch to rebrand the marketing assets for Ticketweb and their festivals department. I spent a short amount of time developing a concept around how people use social media. The initial idea was to get people involved and sharing their experiences of festivals they are or have attended. Essentially people like taking pictures of bands they're watching and selfies to help spread the brand to their followers.

In the limited time available (about a day) to do the design work I decided to keep the idea simple and clean, this ensured the assets could be updated as quickly as possible and adapt to any event or festival. Taking a selection of festival images I coloured them to the Ticketweb branded colours and adapted the advert for each social media campaign using the hashtag #festivalgoals. This hashtag was an idea that could be updated for anything, for example #bandnameherewin, #festivalnameheregoals to make the campaign specifically aimed at people attending specific shows.

The plan was to encourage people to use the hashtag, so you could see the demographic of people who were getting involved in sharing images and taking the time to link them to Ticketweb. This could be adapted to offer perks, upgrades to events or competitions and to encourage more and more people to share their experiences of the festivals.
Online advertising for the campaign for use on websites. Th stop images are examples of how this could look in a print form.
Animated gif example of an advert for use on any website. Below are social media examples of the same advertising.
A basic animated video for use on Instagram or similar social media sites. Below how these assets could be translated to magazine print and public advertising.

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