Spent a short amount time creating an idea to rebrand the theatre section of the Ticketmaster website and assets. I took a bit of time to sketch out ideas doing some research on the Ticketmaster brand, what they do and what their current themes are online and, to a smaller extent, in print.         

As there was a limited time available to complete the project, I decided to keep the idea simple while also conscious to avoid 
cliches or the usual red curtains and masks used to illustrate the theatre. Personally I didn't want to use a standard 'Buy tickets here slogan', so I came up with the 'Find your seat' line on which to link a concept together. I combined this with the red seats and bright neon lights that are synonymous with the theatre to create my initial concept then adapted this for various digital and print uses. In additions to the core concept I put together second idea to include imagery from each of the shows that would be advertised which could be adapted for the changing shows and specific times of year.
Animated Gif of version one, enlarged to show detail. 
Animated Gif of version two, enlarged to show detail. 
The original stock images used to create the project assets.

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